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After reading the name of this game, I was like “ain’t no way”. Then I played it for myself….I guess there was a way lol

Great horror game. Congrats

Fantastic little horror game!

yooooo this is some good game right there!!!! scared the soul out of me with these scissors lol


This was a pretty good game will say it gave me movie it vibes lol and also have to give it too you never have i ever been jumpscared by scissors

This game was made well and enjoyable for a short experience, I feel like more could've been done with the chases but overall it was a great game.


Really not bad, you got style! Please continue to make games, you're onto something good.

I enjoyed this game very much, but wish it was longer. Would also be cool if their were multiple endings. All in all good game though!

Games with ps1 graphics are very good. i played as turkish

What a really nice short experience!

I really enjoyed playing this game, it had an unsettling atmosphere and had some scares that got me! A great art style and concept, it was a joy to play and I recommend everyone to give it a go!

Gotta be honest this game made my skin crawl, i recorded it with another horror game and thanks to this one I had a nightmare. 


Loved the simplicity of the jumpscares and killer! Fun little short horror story! Please do check out my video!

Fantastic atmosphere! Found myself freaked out a few times, and the jumpscares def got me! Very nice, looking forward to future projects of yours! It was the last game I played in this video :)

Tjenare! I played your game in my latest Horror Games video! It was one hell of a trip this one! Keep 'em games coming, mate! Cheers!

Loved the game! Well done :)

I really enjoyed the game. The ambiance and sound were pleasant and the story was very well elaborated. I deluded myself thinking I was going to save that person, but it all went wrong lol

Congratulations on the game o/

Gameplay PT-BR

surprised me a few times with this one, great for your first project dev nice work here :)

I genuinely enjoyed this game! Made me very very uncomfortable the whole game. Did not like the ending and felt like it could have been much better to end but 8/10! Game 3 

A gente gritou muito de medo. Adoramos o jogo!

Hey this game was good! i wonder how did you come up with the idea? the killer was scary looking xD good job on the game. i cant wait to see more.  here is my gameplay

start time 0:00  to 6:00

WTF!! Lol

great game i should've recorded!!

I didn't expect this level of quality from this game. The whole game I was creeped out and literally jumping at the slightest sound. The jumpscare was good too.

Here's my gameplay of it (starts at 06:23)

Awesome game, enjoyed the whole journey. I found it creepy and never knew what would come next. Even though the horror was effective it remained fun to the end. Loved the graphics and the colors, great job. For some reason I thought the way out would be like Mario and you had to travel through the pipe. Absolutely not. Thanks for creating :)

Nice "It" reference

A bug i found: If you press ESC while cutscene, camera movement disables

This Game Was Cleann! It's the second game I play at the 3:48 minute mark

The jumpscares scared the freak out of me😂

Feel free to check my video out👻🐣

I’m not ashamed to say I got caught with a few jumpscares here and there. I really enjoyed this game. Great job Dev!

It's Not My Fault _ Maggot Face Gameplay


Not a bad game. Nothing ground breaking but does get the atmosphere and the not knowing spot on. Worth a play.


Great Game! Well done dev! 

i love it AHAHA

Check out my video :)

This game was super fun!! I loved all of the different spaces and the general story behind this game. It was very well made and I hope the devs continue to make such great games!

♥ love you guys ♥

Good game!

Really enjoyed the PS1 visuals and had a lot of fun with elements in the game! Good work!

It spooked the shit out of me!


Fun Game To Play Had No Complaints And The Jump Scare At The End Got Me Bad Good Job 

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